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Nylon Strap Width
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    Our dominant dog collar is designed specifically to control hyperactive/ agressive/ reactive dogs that display aggression towards trainer/people or other dogs. 


    BEHAVIOUR CORRECTION: When used properly dominant dog collars result in behavior changes without a painful correction. Using prong collars or remote collars on aggressive dogs can often result in the dog redirecting aggression back onto their handler. 

    FOR ALL BREEDS: Dominant dog collars are also a viable alternative to prong collars and remote collars in countries where government restrictions do not allow these other training tools. 

    HANDLING AGGRESSIVE DOG: Dominant Dog Collars are a very effective tool for handling dogs aggression towards trainer, handler or other dogs.

    BRASS HARDWARE: Brass is very strong and does not break. It's also rust free. Brass snap allows for easy removal and application, no need to slide over the dog's neck.

    DUAL USEL:  Use the collar as Dominant Collar. Attach with Stationery Ring to make it a everyday collar, 

    SAFE FOR SKIN: The Material is safe for Dogs Skin and Fur. 

    **Dominant Dog Collar is a Professional Equipment. To be Used under Supervision/Guidance of a Professional Dog Handler. Please connect with us if you need help to understand how to use this Equipment.

    **Please measure the size to nearest centimetre to get best out of this Equipment. 

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