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Vama Leathers



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Excellent for Intermediate Training for Protection & Bite Work Sports.

QUALITY MATERIAL: Tough Outer Shell matched with Very Firm Dura Filling inside.

SUPERIOR CONSTRUCTED: Multi Layer Manufacturing. Biting surface is tough but not sharp. Bind Edges makes the bite pillow strong. 

BOTH HAND USE: The Vama Bite Sleeve can be used for both Right Hand and Left Hand.  

MULTIPLE OPTION: Choose Between French Linen, Natural Jute or Tight Woven Twill Material for Outer Shell. 

TRAINING SUPPORT: The Bite Sleeve is a good reward and training equipment for prey drive building, teaching command, PSA, schutzhund training and more. 

TIME TESTED DESIGN: This is a classical bite Sleeve design. With Strong handle, the Vama Bite Sleeve offers you better hand placement options to achieve better training experiences according to your dog performance.

100% QUALITY GUARANTEE: We offer 100% quality guarantee. It's training equipment, not a chew toy,  please do not allow your dog to keep the toy after the interaction has finished.

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