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Vama Leathers


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Vama Dog Bite Pillow. Excellent for Protection Training. 12 Inch x 8 Inch, 3 Handles. For All Breed Dogs and Puppy Training. Ideal for Tug of War, Interactive Play, Protection Training.

  • Beginners: Softer Filling and Bite Surface for Better Grip.
  • Intermediate: Medium Filling and Milder Surface for Regular Training. 
  • Advance: Harder Filling and Stronger Surface for Full Grip and Pulling.
QUALITY MATERIAL: Tough woven strong outside + firm Dura Filling inside + 3 braided nylon handles. Made from high strength selected material.
WELL CONSTRUCTED: Multi Layer Manufacturing. Biting surface is tough but not sharp. Bind Edges makes the bite pillow strong. 
MULTIPLE OPTION: Choose Between French Linen, Natural Jute or Tight Woven Twill material for outer Shell and Beginners,  Intermediate, Advance for best training to your dog. 
TIME TESTED DESIGN: This is a classical bite pillow design: With 3 handles, the bite wedge offers you more hand placement options to achieve better training experiences according to your dog performance. This design is tested and recommended by hundreds of dog trainers. 
ANTI SLIP HANDLES: 12 Inch X 8 Inch, The Bite Pillow is a good reward and training equipment for prey drive building, teaching command, PSA, schutzhund training and more. Popular with tons of dog training fans. Perfect for medium and big dog biting training, such as German shepherd, Labrador, Pit bull,Belgian malinois, etc. 
100% QUALITY GUARANTEE: We offer 100% quality guarantee. It's training equipment,not a chew toy, please do not allow your dog to keep the toy after the interaction has finished.