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Vama Leathers

Vama Leathers - Waterproof & Durable Rope - British Style Slip Leash (4 colors available)

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Product Description: Hand-Made, this combination of collar and lead in one is great for training! Made of waterproof, colorfast, durable polypropylene solid core rope with Solid Brass hardware and Water Tolerant Leather trimmings. Slip Leash is designed for easy correction while walking, exercising, or training. Adjustable Stopper prevents leash from slipping off. 

About this item: 

  • It is a very strong control tool as it is made of Nylon. This leash is the best choice for training, walking or for just for daily use.
  • Nylon does not get spoiled under water so this Leash will do even for rainy weather.
  • It doesn't lose its shape so if your dog pulls it too much this leash won't stretch.
  • 100% brand new with high quality nylon leash,length of leash - 5 Feet including loop.
  • This is a Nylon Slip Leash with Stopper. It works as combination of Leash and Collar. No Need to use any other collar/neck belt along with it.
  • Available in Midnight Black, Electric Blue, Dark Brown and Racing Red.
  • Choose from Short Length of 5 / 6 Feet or Get yourself a Long Leash of 11 or 15 Feet.
  • MADE IN INDIA: This product is made in India entirely with Indian raw materials.